Nanny Mania 2: Nanny Goes to Hollywood

Nanny Mania 2: Nanny Goes to Hollywood 32.0

Help Emma take care of the children of a prominent Hollywood couple
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Keep an eye on the kids, make sure that they don't put themselves in danger, wash the clothes they dirty and clean up after them. Use the resources you collect to buy better cleaning supplies and make your job a bit easier.

Emma is back in action, this time as the nanny for a prominent Hollywood couple. But this household is anything but tidy. It`s a mad-dash to clean up the mansion before the parents come home. You`ll have a baby to watch, kids to clean up after, clothes to launder, and a whole living room, bedroom, kitchen and playroom to take care of. Purchase deluxe cleaning supplies and prove to that household what a real nanny can do!

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